The Lake that Shaped Lower Manhattan: Collect Pond & The 5 Points


Date: May 4, 2014

Time: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Walk Host: Bice C. Wilson, AIA

Accessibility: Partially Accessible - curbs, uneven terrain, busy sidewalks

Description: A major lake once separated the village of Manhattan from the rest of the island. Once a focus of recreation and a source of fresh water (one of its names on old maps - Fresh Water), this lake eventually devolved into a toxic industrial revolution cess pit surrounded by squalid neighborhoods, and, when initially filled in, became the infamous 5 Points neighborhood. Once the Lake was drained by Canal Street, the Village of Manhattan was set loose to subsume the entire island - today's Manhattan became possible. But still, the ghost of the lake is present - in lingering land forms, in historical land uses, in the Justice District located to counteract the chaos of the 5 Points. We will walk the Lake and feel its presence and impact. Please do some web research on 5 Points and Collect Pond so you can share what you've found. Bring a tablet or smart phone so I can direct you to images of the once-places we'll be walking through.

Meeting Place: Collect Pond Park: Leonard St. between Centre St. and Lafayette St.

Ending Place: Columbus Park