BROADWAY: 1000 Steps | Walk Broadway from the Battery to the Bronx | Part 1


Date: May 4, 2014

Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Walk Host: Hosts include Michael Levine (Director of Planning and Land Use, CB1), Annaline Dinkelman (Founder, Wall Street Walks), Ro Shaffe (Chairman, CB1), Jody Pinto (Artist), Museum of Chinese in America Educational Staff, Kristen Jones (Artist), Elliott Maltby (Thread Collective, Landscape Architect), Eve Mosher (Artist), Jackie Brookner (Artist), John Tauranac (Author), Mary Miss (Artist)

Accessibility: Partially Accessible - curbs, uneven terrain, busy sidewalks

Description: "Eat Your Sidewalk" with designers and foraging enthusiasts Petia Morozov and Iain Kerr. Write your own poem while you walk with Harlem-based poet E.J. MacAdams. Hear about the latest research into NYC's climate vulnerability from scientist Stuart Gaffin. "Insert (Your Idea) Here" with artist Eve Mosher. A notable group of artists, scientists, cultural and community representatives will discuss a variety of issues along the corridor that demonstrate how sustainability can be made tangible through the arts.

This walk on Broadway will continue on Sunday, May 5th. Walk Broadway for one part, one day, or the whole weekend!

BROADWAY: 1000 Steps is a project by Mary Miss/City as Living Laboratory to turn the oldest avenue of NYC into a "green corridor" where insights into our surroundings - from streets and buildings, to transportation and waste, to energy and the climate - can be made apparent and accessible at ground level.

Meeting Place: In front of the fence that borders Bowling Green Park, directly across from the steps of the Alexander Hamilton Customs House, located at 1 Bowling Green, Manhattan

Ending Place: Northeast corner of Houston Street and Broadway, in front of the Adidas Store, Manhattan