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To make sure we offer the best possible walking, bus and boat tours, and private tours, we ask tour takers to tell us what they thought of the tour or tours they took. If want to comment on a tour or ask a question, please enter your information in the boxes at the foot of this page.



Alana Farkas
Director of Tours
afarkas[at] or 212-935-3960 x1234

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Previous Questions & Feedback

Comment from shuli tor

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The tour guide was full of facts, fun and insights.

Comment from Ron Berthel

One of the best tours I have ever taken.

Comment from john Forgach

A unique way to experience Manhattan.

Comment from Lisa Alpert

I learned so much, and, even as a New Yorker since 1988, I saw parts of the city I’d never seen before.

Comment from Jack Roberts

Your web site created expectations regarding your commitment to “the public good” that were thoroughly fulfilled in my experience with the walking tour.

Comment from Bryant Johnson

It was wonderful, despite the cold.

Comment from Thomas Naylor

The best money that I spent in New York!

Comment from judith kramer

It was my first tour with MAS and joined the MAS the next day!

Comment from Frank Schulz

I am a native New Yorker who knows and has studied this magnificent city a lot and want to be surprised with new tidbits.

Comment from Deborah Chiel

I saw it through new eyes, discovered buildings I’d never noticed, learned so much.

Comment from lyn toohey

A lot of fun!!

Comment from Sheila in Rego Park

Our guide was opinionated (in a good way!), informative and interesting.

Comment from Elizabeth Lehmann

I participated in the two tours this past weekend (Parts 1 & 2) of Bedford Stuyvesant. Suzanne Spellen and Morgan Munsey were amazing. Both were informative,
witty and tireless tour leaders. It was an excellent tour and I learned a lot about
a beautiful and unppreciated neighborhood of New York. They are a terrific team and a credit to MAS. I hope to take more tours like this one!

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